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Train AI

We are working to create a new tool for sentiment analysis to support companies that wish to create an inclusive working environment.

A psychologist has created the survey with open questions about diversity and inclusion, and so we have to share the survey directly to the workers. Now we need the support of a high number of companies.

If your company wants to be actively involved in the project, you can write directly to

The survey is totally anonymous, no-one can read your answers, the data will be analysed directly by artificial intelligence; you can write what you think in total freedom.

This phase is very important to train the AI and to create an efficient tool for sentiments analysis of inclusion in the workplace.

Participating is very simple, click on the button, answer the questions and send.

The questionnaire is designed to obtain answers that are as spontaneous and open as possible, which favour the free expression of the individual.

The goal of the questionnaire is to collect personal opinion and emotional experience of the individual in the workplace. There are no right or wrong answers; the only constant is an honest assessment of the personal feeling on the workplace.

Your time now will contribute to create a better workplace tomorrow.

Companies contributing to making a change

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