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Connecta is a company which specializes in software and digital services. Connecta assists different types of organizations – public or private – to create and develop software, platforms and infrastructure in order to reach the highest digital standards possible.

We have great experience in creating, testing and developing multiplatform software, in particular Apps that run on iOS, Android, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. For Connecta, one of the most important aspects of our work is to give digital support in workplaces, business activities, as well as in the field of education and training for students and employers alike.
Connecta srl’s core business is the development of software that applications need in order to run and operate, we make software simple and intuitive, in addition to designing the elements of the User Interface and managing data.

This kind of software is extremely useful for various fields, such as: learning platforms for students as well as training platforms for workers. Connecta has experience with public and private organizations in order to improve different types of know-how. The company uses the best Microsoft technologies for software coding and the control department analyses the quality of the software produced and deals with any debugging issues.

AI Superior GmbH is an award-winning data science, machine learning, and AI service provider (SME, founded in 2019) that applies analytics to unlock the potential of data from customers across different industries and organizations. AI Superior is based in Darmstadt Germany with a second office in Berlin. We are a member of the German AI Association. We transform our customer business through actionable insights of their products and services, and by developing and deploying machine learning models. We provide rapid prototypes and end-to-end products to solve complex business challenges. We are proud of the team we have built. The secret to our success is our team’s diverse expertise across cutting-edge technologies and in various domains. The robust theoretical foundation and practical experience of our PhD level data scientists and software engineers allow us to produce efficient and pragmatic Data Science solutions to high complexity business challenges.

The AI-solutions from AI Superior help companies and organizations. The decision-makers and users are located at the most varied of company levels. Starting at the C-Level level through to the user level. Through our solutions, we help our customers to solve business challenges with the help of data and leveraging latest technology on Machine Learning and Data Science. We take care of most of the creation of the models and their implementation in the company’s infrastructure. After the implementation stage, we then offer training for the users and are also under contract for possible re-training of the models with our customers.

Zhero Consulting srl is an SME located in Tuscany. It is a constantly evolving reality at the service of the needs of every organization, offering training, aided finance, certifications and safety consultancy. In the local environment, we accelerate interactions between academia, government institutions, industry and civil society to create learning opportunities for individuals and development opportunities for organisations (NGOs, schools, universities and entrepreneurs). Since its Foundation, ZC has built a strong network with associations, schools, and social enterprises which has created many opportunities for the development of joint cooperation through various regional, national and European projects. Every year, about 400 people are involved in over 30 training courses, organized for many different target groups, including adult and young learners, workers in the sanitary and care sector, university professors, teachers, and other professionals.

ZC has significant experience in developing projects related to organization of events, digital alphabetization and/or digital inclusion having different target groups. The agency currently implements training classes (virtual and in person) with its students and trainees, using an ad hoc platform and other long-distance learning tools. Furthermore, ZC has developed extensive experience in the organization of conferences and, research and recognized training with accreditation of the Veneto region as a training institution in continuous training.

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